Quiting Smoking Using Ecigs

It has already been found that one of the top reasons so many people are using Electronic Cigarettes is to quit smoking. Compared to traditional quitting methods, like Cold Turkey, Nicorette, the patch, self help books and etc. an E-Cigarette is one the most successful products on the market to help a smoker quit smoking.Since E-Cigarettes produce a vapor-like smoke, similar in size and looks like a traditional cigarette this helps with the psychological experience of smoking. Also with most E-Cigarette suppliers providing different strengths of nicotine to zero nicotine for each cartridge this allows a smoker to wean off with the least amount of nicotine withdrawals possible.Now to use an Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking you still have to have the want and drive to quit smoking. Since there are 1,400 other chemicals in traditional cigarettes compared to E-Cigarettes I am sure that some smokers using an e-cigarette to quit smoking will still go through some withdrawal symptoms caused by the other chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes.This is a 7 day method for quitting traditional cigarettes and switching to your e-cigarette, plus a 14 method to lower your e-cigarette nicotine cartridges to zero nicotine. 21 total days to quit smoking and be using zero nicotine with your E-Cigarette.

Have your reason or reasons for wanting to quit smoking at hand and always refer to it or remember it if this process gets arduous. A few examples for wanting to quit smoking could be, cost of traditional cigarettes and now you want save some money, want to feel healthier, significant other wants you to quit, want to set a good example for your children, or don’t like smelling like an ashtray.


Start using high nicotine strength cartridges with your E-Cigarette and have your first goal to switch 100% from traditional cigarettes to your e-cigarette.

On your first day (day 1) of using your e-cigarette have a goal of only smoking 7 traditional cigarettes and use your e-cigarette the rest of the time.

Now for each consecutive day subtract 1 traditional cigarette from your daily allowance and keep using your e-cigarette. (e.g. day 1 smoke only 7 cigarettes, day 2 smoke only 6 cigarettes, day 3 smoke only 5 cigarettes, day 4 smoke only 4 cigarettes and etc.)

On Day 7 you should be down to 1 traditional cigarette and smoking your e-cigarette the majority of the time.

On Day 8 you should be smoking only your e-cigarette 100% of the time.

Now day 8-day 14 smoke your e-cigarette using your high strength of nicotine for your e-cigarette cartridges.

On day 15 switch to using medium strength of nicotine.

Continue smoking the medium strength nicotine cartridges for 7 more days.

On Day 21 you should now switch to the zero nicotine cartridges.

For those of you who prefer to use E-Liquids to refill your existing cartridges or empty cartridges, here is a quick guide on how to refill them.

1. When Cartridge is empty and when one desires to refill it with using E-Liquid, First remove Cartridge from Atomizer.

2. Once Cartridge is removed from Atomizer, use a small pin like object (e.g. Paperclip, toothpick or etc.) and insert into bottom hole of Cartridge and push out internal Liquid Container from inside Cartridge.

3. Now that the Liquid Container has been removed from the Cartridge, place upright.

4. Using your desired E-Liquid, drip 5-8 drops of E-Liquid into Liquid Container or until full. Fill only so much that there is not a puddle, if there is a puddle using a piece of cloth and dab excess.Note: Do Not over fill, overfilling can cause damage to atomizer. Tip: A completely empty Cartridge takes 0.5ml of E-Liquid to be completely full.

5. Once the Liquid Container has been refilled insert back into Cartridge body.

6. Push Cartridge back on Atomizer of E-Cigarette and you are ready to vape.

Not all Electronic Cigarettes are created equal. There can be many differences between the look, feel and functionality of various e-cigarette products. Finding the best Electronic Cigarette online will require carefully looking at all the factors.

1) The LookElectronic Cigarettes come in many shapes, sizes and colors, from bright red to traditional white and even various patterns. Many of these designs can come off very noisy and obnoxious, and make you stand out a little bit more than you may like. The most popular look is the obvious white with a tan butt, just like a regular tobacco cigarette. The benefits to these types are that you won’t stand out in a crowed and you can enjoy your habit just like a regular smoker. Another popular design is the all black e-cigarette, it’s a little more trendy and can be a lot of fun at parties or gatherings.

2) The FeelMany electronic cigarettes are very long or wide, this can be cumbersome when trying to use them. In addition many have tapered ends which only make the e-cig look and feel different than a normal cigarette. The weight of an e-cig can also disrupt the experience, especially if it’s very heavy, these are after all just small batteries. The best electronic cigarettes online will be ones that are similar to the same size and feel as a traditional cigarette.

3) FunctionalityA final factor, and probably the most important is how well the electronic cigarette device actually works. Does it create enough smoke like vapor in order to satisfy the smoking experience? Does the battery last long enough between charging? Does the cartridge last long enough (usually at least similar to a pack). Can I decide my nicotine flavors and strengths? Can I get a refund if I don’t like it? Is there a warranty in case any of the parts malfunction?These are all questions you’ll have to ask when trying to find the best Electronic Cigarette online.

Many people are confused about how cartridges and e-liquids work for electronic cigarettes. Hopefully I can clear up this topic a little bit today.

The cartridge of an e-cigarette is a small plastic tube that slips on to the end of the e-cigarette acting as the butt. It has a small sponge in the bottom of it that comes pre-filled with e-liquid. The E-Liquid is what the atomizer uses to create a smoke like vapor. The e-liquid also contains the flavor and nicotine that you choose. Once the cartridge runs out of e-liquid it will stop producing vapor and need to be replaced. Cartridges come usually in packs of five or cases of twenty. The cartridge is comparable to one pack of regular cigarettes. However, the price of a cartridge averages out to about $1.50 each, much less than today’s tobacco cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette smoker has the option to continue to buy pre-filled cartridges or if they want they can buy small bottles of e-liquid and refill their cartridges on their own. This second option is actually very easy and reduces the expense of e-smoking even further. Kind of like buying in bulk. To refill a cartridge you only need to put a few drops (usually 5-8) of e-liquid into the cartridge and you continue to smoke.

California’s attorney general is seeking to halt the sale of one company’s Electronic Cigarettes in the state, saying they contain dangerous chemicals and are being marketed to children.

Governor Brown says the company has no evidence to back up claims their product is safe.

Smoking Everywhere’s devices look like regular cigarettes but are battery-operated and contain cartridges of nicotine. A heater converts the chemical into a vapor.

The company did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration found last year that e-cigarettes contain carcinogens.

To me this is just typical hypocritical political BS! What are these politicians trying to accomplish? Obviously not trying to help people, they are either just that ignorant or have hidden agendas that side with big tobacco. There are so many groups and politicians that promote not to smoke tobacco, but since the E-Cigarette industry has been growing they have directed their effects against it. I have even see articles with some of these guys stating that E-Cigarettes are worse than traditional cigarettes. Everyone knows how many people die each year from smoking and if they were really interested in helping smokers find a healthier alternative and/or quit smoking, they would support the E-Cigarette industry. If they think that there might be some harmful chemicals in the E-Cig (which just there assumption and lies) than they should put there efforts into fine tuning the e-cig. However their only agenda is to overlook the benefits from it and try to demolish the industry and continue killing people with real cigarettes.

On a slightly different note, from my experience and knowledge of Smoking Everywhere they don’t seem to be the greatest example of an E-Cig company and seem to be very money oriented, but who cares if they are helping people find a healthier alternative and/or quit smoking. Big tobacco is only in it for the money, they knowingly kill people and make a profit from it.

Many people don’t understand exactly how an electronic cigarette even works. E-cigarettes are a brand new technology that are taking over the smoking industry so not a lot of people have every heard of an e-cigarette or even seen one in real life.

The e-cig is made up of basically 3 parts, the battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge.

The battery of an e-cigarette makes up the majority of the electronic cigarette, it’s basically everything past the “butt” of the e-cig. It has an L.E.D. light at the tip that lights up when you inhale through it, this gives it the appearance of a traditional cigarette.

Next, there is an atomizer which screws into the battery. The atomizer, like it’s name suggests, atomizes the e-liquid (we’ll get to this below) and nicotine into a fine smoke-like vapor. The atomizer is charged by the battery and gets warm to the touch when used, but not hot enough to burn anything.

The last part is the cartridge. The cartridge contains the e-liquid. E-Liquid is what provides the electronic cigarette with the flavor and nicotine. The atomizer uses the e-liquid to produce the vapor. E-liquids come in flavors like regular tobacco and menthol. Once the e-liquid runs out the e-cigarette will no longer produce vapor and the cartridge will have to be changed. The e-cig cartridge is comparable to a pack of traditional cigarettes. Luckily for e-smokers, cartridges cost much less than a pack of cigarettes, usually around 1.60 each, and they come in packs of 5 or more.

It is a new day we are winning the battle with FDA.

For those who don’t know about the situation with the FDA and Electronic Cigarettes here is a very brief overview.

Early last year when E-Cigs started becoming very popular, the FDA step in and stated that they needed to be approved by the FDA before selling in the USA. They also started confiscating shipments to suppliers and put out a press release warning consumers by stating that they were harmful and worse that real cigarettes. They also confiscated over 50 shipments from two US suppliers NJoy and Smoking Everywhere and ran tests on the products. Then later came out with another press release with their lab report stating that E-Cigarettes were harmful. It was later found that their tests were incomplete and the products were tested incorrectly. Due to their press releases and lab results, many have found and stated in other press releases that the were just being lobbied by Big Tobacco.

For some time now I have been doing testing on the best way to clean Atomizers your E-Cigs. If you are like me and smoke your E-Cigarette a lot, you might experience some gunk and lose a little vapor production because of it. Also if you are just changing to a different flavor and would like the old flavor to be completely gone before you use the new flavor.

Most of the information on how to clean your atomizer from the E-Cig companies, tells you to clean it with Rubbing Alcohol and then using hot water and a cloth insert into your cartridge and smoke it. You will then see the wet cloth get brown and do this over, over, over and over again until you see no more brown residue in the cloth. This takes forever and I have not found it to clean that well.After many Atomizers, different solutions and cleaning trials this is the best cleaning procedure I have found:

Using Sugar Free Coke (Yes I said Coke) soak for at least 4 hours-Rinse with Warm water-Then rinse with Rubbing Alcohol (This will help clean any residuals of the syrup from the coke and help it dry faster)-Let stand and dry for a few hours.

DONT USE Acetone to clean your Atomizers, although Acetone is great for cleaning mechanical products; there are some rubber and plastic parts built into most Atomizers for insulators and Acetone will breakdown rubber and plastic.

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